Acupuncture at Chiropractic Rem·e·dy

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    New Patient Visit

    75 Minutes 

    Cash Patient $120 - Insurance Patient: Copay

    During your first visit, you will be given an in-depth holistic intake. This session provides Acupuncture and when necessary, E-stim, cupping and/or bodywork. Includes herbal consultation and nutritional recommendations.

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    Standard Follow up visit

    30 Minutes

    Cash Patient $60 - Insurance Patient: Copay

    This mini “tune up” appointment includes a brief intake & acupuncture treatment.

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    Total Wellness Acupuncture Visit

    55 Minutes

    Cash Patient $90 - Insurance Patient: Copay+$30 

    Total Wellness visits include a detailed holistic intake, acupuncture and when necessary,  E-Stim, Cupping and/or Bodywork.  Sessions provide the prescription of herbal or supplementary medicine.

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    Cupping service

    30 Minutes

    Cash patient $50

    Cupping is an excellent way to detoxify and restore.  It acts to oxygenate your muscles and promote blood circulation throughout your entire body to heal a wide range of conditions.  Cupping also speeds up recovery time and improves physical endurance. This 30 minute cupping session includes bodywork and essential oil therapy in addition to the deep-tissue massage like quality of glass and bamboo cups. 

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    Lymphatic Drainage Detox treatment

    55 Minutes

    Cash patient $100 - Insurance does not cover

    Detoxifying and cleansing the lymphatic system improves your immune system, assists in weight loss, reduces inflammation and promotes healing.  This restorative treatment consists of Cupping, Dry Brushing, Massage, Essential Oil Therapy and Bodywork.   We recommend this treatment to all patients who are seeking more energy.

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    Herbal Consultation

    30 Minutes

    Cash patient $40 

    Herbal consultations involve an in depth intake of your health condition. Herbal & supplementary medicine is prescribed to meet your unique needs.  All medicine is of the highest quality and standard. 

    Cost includes consultation only, Herbs are extra.

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