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Joseph Oh LAc RPh


I have worked as a pharmacist for 20 years, but I have always had a passion for East Asian Medicine. It was because I saw how my father treated his patients with acupuncture and herbal medicines.

I was fascinated by the theories and completely different views of East Asian Medicine. It was a great joy to help people who couldn’t be helped properly with conventional medicine and observe their improvement during treatment.

My education and experience in both Eastern and Western medicine enables me to work as a resource person for other healthcare personnel as well as for patients.

I like to spend time with patients to help changing their lifestyle, including daily medication, nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

I also teach pharmacology to acupuncture students at South Baylo University. It helps me to learn how to convey information clearly and with ease.

I believe East Asian Medicine can be integrated into the conventional medicine service successfully. Various health issues can be better treated when Eastern and Western medicines are used together.


Joseph Oh LAc RPh
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