Andrea McDaniel MS RD

Registered Dietician


Andrea is providing services through her company My True Health, within Chiropractic Remedy.

Andrea is a Registered Dietitian/Nutrition and certified personal trainer with a passion for helping clients achieve optimal health, wellness, and performance. Andrea takes a functional and integrative approach to help people identify and address root causes, so she can come up with an individual plan and continued support to achieving goals.

Her interest in health, nutrition, and exercise began when she was a young gymnast. She began experimenting with diet and workouts to see how it affected her body composition and performance. She then went on to Iowa State as a college gymnast and chose to purse this passion by enrolling and completing the Diet & Exercise Masters program. Since then, Andrea then continued to expand and refine her education and experience over the past 13 years, working with a wide range of clients and athletes, from professional athletes (Washington Wizards and Major League players) to the tired stay-at-home mom. Additionally, being a mom of 3 young boys, Andrea also understands the importance of challenges that come with family nutrition including picky eaters and infertility.

Some areas of expertise include:
- Hormones: including stress, sex, and thyroid hormones
- Digestion issues
- Sports nutrition
- Autoimmunity
- Fertility