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Cash Price

Copay + $30

Insurance Price

Shockwave Therapy

Appointment Time

15 Minutes

About this service

Shockwave can be added to your Chiropractic Appointment or as a stand alone treatment. This therapy is used for Chronic issues such as: Tendinitis, Frozen Shoulder, Plantar Fascistic and IT band Syndrome.

Does Shockwave hurt?

Shockwave is a interesting treatment. Does it hurt? No. Does it feel good? Not really.

This is a therapy that gives you the "Hurts so good" feeling. The higher we turn up the machine, the better it works, however, my goal is not to torture you, so we will always tune it to your preference.

Shockwave typically has the ability to reach a specific pain, usually when doing treatment, we hear "That's exactly the pain I have been feeling."

What is Shockwave?

For a detailed description of Shockwave and what it is, Check out the drop down tab under the Chiropractic tab above. It's a fantastic therapy and helps many people get out of pain.

Why isn't this covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, as amazing as a treatment it is, our Wonderful (eye roll) Insurance providers don't believe in it yet, Therefore, they don't reimburse for treatment. Most offices charge an additional $70 or more to your treatment costs, every time they use it.

What we do at our office is, if you are coming in ONLY for shockwave, the cost is $75. (same as standard visit.) If you schedule a Enhanced Chiropractic visit, we will add shockwave to your treatment if needed, and the cost is absorbed in the $30 fee we charge.

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