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Cash Price

Copay/Deductible plus $65 fee

Insurance Price

New Patient Acupuncture consult and treatment (Same day)

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Appointment Time

55 Minutes

About this service

Due to insurance limitations, Insurance will not cover both a new patient exam and treatment on the same day.

We offer the ability to do the exam and treatment on separate days, or we can offer both on the same day with an additional charge.

For both, consultation and treatment on the same day, the cost will be your copay/deductible plus a $60 treatment fee.

What to expect

Your First visit will include a review of your history and your present complaints.

After your intake, we usually have about half hour or more worth of treatment time. During this time we will provide therapy and Acupuncture treatment to hopefully get you feeling better today.

Prior to your Appointment

Parking and Office information

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