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Massage Therapist

Paulina is a therapist known for her "intuitive magic". Utilizing both energetic and anatomical feedback, her approach to massage centers around a thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. She graduated from Southern California Health Institute at the top of her class and was able to further her education as a tutor for her fellow classmates and a T.A. beyond completion of the program. Paulina has a diverse background and has worked in various settings in the wellness industry; from sports/chiropractic to upscale spas and hotels, but her passion and desire to help people feel better has brought her back to the medical field.

Paulina looks forward to being your resource and haven for healing. Every patient she has is cared for based on the individual. Whether you have a physically-demanding job, are a dancer or gym rat, lead an active lifestyle, or just need a relaxing and rejuvenating massage; she will provide you with bodywork integration to meet all of your specific needs.


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