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One on one with your doctor in a boutique setting is what makes us stand apart from the typical office. Come see what makes us different then the rest.


Acupuncture close up

Get top notch Acupuncture and cupping services from some of the best Acupuncturists in town in a clean and relaxing enviroment.


Cupping therapy

Cupping is used to draw out stale blood and to pull tissues apart, and also looks cool in photo's. You trendy.


Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is a amazing tool to help with chronic pain and inflammation issues,  This is our go to when "nothing else has worked." 

Shockwave Therapy

Reiki Treatment

You need some energy work to help you hit the reset button?  Let our Reiki master take care of all that.


Air Relax Compression therapy

used for recovery and to flush the blod and lympth from your legs and hips, this amazing recovery tool is everything.

Compression Therapy

Bubank Cryotherapy Full body CryoSauna Chiropractic Remedy

Burbanks only Cryotherapy Sauna.  Come see what  3 minutes in -240 degree cold feels like!  Great for Recovery, inflammation and of course Instagram 


Burbank Massage oils

Need to relax or some recovery?  Come let our Massage Therapists take away your pain, stress or just use them for a hour away from your children.

Massage Therapy

Active Release Technique

Specialized muscle work can make all of the difference.  Come see why Pro athletes seek out ART.

Active Release Techniques

Foot levelers Custom Orthotics

Get a pair of orthotics that are made for your feet.  Your feet play a major role in how your body is aligned.

Custom Orthotics

Ayurveda Treatment

Cleanse and detox your body with this ancient Indian bodywork by our Ayurveda Specialist.  



Proper taping can help make little tweaks to get your body moving the proper way.  Sometimes it just takes a tweak to get it moving right.


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