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How to prepare for your upcoming appointment

December 24, 2017

I am so happy you are coming in!


There are only a couple simple suggestions I have to get you prepped for your visit.


If this is your first time to the office I highly suggest you fill out all the paperwork online.  All of the paperwork will be sent to your email and/or is available on the website.  Having this filled out before you come allows me to look over your complaint and history so I have a better understanding of why you are coming in.  It also allows me to do any added prep for your specific complaint.  On top of all of that, it saves you from having to get here extra early and the hassle of doing a bunch of paperwork right before you are to get treated.


my second suggestion is to also Google Maps the location of the office.  We are very easy to find, but we are tucked away in a little courtyard, so it is easy to miss the office if you're driving around.  I offer parking behind the office, and there is also plenty of street parking if the lot is full.


My 3rd suggestion is to wear something comfortable.  As I do a lot of Active Release soft tissue work, orthopedic testing and move you quite a bit, be sure to wear something comfortable.  I also don't recommend wearing a dress or skirt (however if you do, we can work around it.)


My last suggestion is if you're nervous about getting adjusted, or get anxious heading to a doctors office, just know that you are in complete control of the appointment.  We don't have to do the "popping" if it makes you uncomfortable.  There is plenty of other things we can do to help make you feel better.  As a adjuster, I use the philosophy that if the body wants to let it go, it will.  I do not force adjustments and I take whatever the body is willing to give me.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!



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