Whats new at Chiropractic Remedy?

Hello everyone! I just wanted to throw out a few new updates we have here at the office! Read below to know of some minor changes and whats new.


Say Hello to Adri, our new office manager!

Adri is here to help keep things organized and to create a new point of contact with patients. She is in charge of scheduling, billing other admin related business at the front desk. During her business hours, you can reach her by calling the office number and hitting 0 during the automation. If you text the business number, she may also be the one responding to you as well.


New business hours for Katie Star

Katie has added Sunday afternoons to her schedule, so she is now in the office M 8-4, W 8-12,4-8, F 8-4 and now Sunday 12-4!


New Massage Therapist Samantha now taking patients

You may have seen Samantha around the past 6 months as she was finishing massage school and doing mini treatments at the office, but she is now on the team as a therapist and is taking patients on Thurs, Fri and Sundays.


Now that we have 3 doctors on staff, it has relaxed all of our schedules a bit. Dr. Chapman now has a lot more availability, so if you have been wanting to get in, but you were tired of never seeing any openings, check the online schedule and you may find some times that are good for you.

Also, Dr. Kimia now works Sundays, so if you are itching for a weekend appointment, we have doctors in the office both Saturday's and Sunday's



I know a lot of people are currently worried about the Coronavirus. Be assured that here at the office we are following as many safety protocols as we can to ensure a safe and clean environment. Since this is a time where people are on edge, and we want to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible, please let us know prior to your appointment if you are experiencing symptoms are you think there is a possibility you have been infected by the virus.


Time for you to get Cryotherapy

The weather is starting to warm up, which means it's time for you to try out the Cryotherapy machine! If you haven't done it yet, your first visit is only $30. Watch the video below to learn a little more about it.

You can book online right here

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