New Year at the office with some new updates

Happy new years everyone!

I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday season.

I know I have sent out a million emails over the past couple months about all of the changes in the office, but I figured I would send out one final email to make sure everyone is aware and ready for all the new things at the office.

First off we are having some changes to hours at the office

Starting January 1st

Dr. Patel will now be working Mon,Wed,Fri.

Dr. Chapman will be in Tue,Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat but will be reducing hours on Wed to 8-12.

Dr. Akhavan will be in Mon,Tues,Wed,Fri,Sat.

Specific hours can be found on the online booking page when you book in a appointment.


Cancellation Policy: In the past I have been very lax about people cancelling last minute or when people no call no show for appointments. Unfortunately it is happening far too often now and it is making it difficult for people to get appointments, and we don't get any reimbursement when someone doesn't show up for an appointment and it is ultimately starting to cost the office a lot of money. So come the new year we will be enforcing the policy. If you cancel within 24 hours there will be a $50 charge. If you no call no show you will be charged the full cash rate amount for the appointment. I understand that there are sometimes circumstances that arise, and you can reach out to me about them, but as a general rule, if you don't show up you will be charged.

Extended Service Fee / Shockwave Therapy - This is another policy I haven't always been the best at enforcing. But now that I have employee's who have negotiated rates for payment, if you book yourself Shockwave or the longer 25 minute appointment online, I must charge the extra $25 fee.


Starting February we will finally have a front office manager at the office. Once she gets setup, she will be working several days a week. She will be taking over a lot of the financial aspect and booking for patients and will be the go to person for invoices, generalized questions and that sort of thing. I will give a proper introduction when she is closer to starting, but I really look forward to bringing her into the office and helping take a bit of the load off my shoulders.

That's all for now, more updates will be posted as they come up

Happy 2020 everyone!

Dr. Ryan

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