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Margaret Chapman


Margaret Chapman is a Los Angeles transplant, originally from New Jersey, who worked in the world of musical theater for years. Always an advocate for keeping fit, Margaret started taking Pilates Mat classes shortly after moving to LA over ten years ago and noticed a difference in how her body felt, as well as how it looked.

Always playing around with the idea of going into personal training, her husband, Dr. Ryan Chapman, supported her in getting her Pilates teacher certification. Margaret received a classical base training, with contemporary auxilary and Fletcher influences, through Yogaworks in 2013. She is fully certified in Pilates Mat and all Pilates apparatuses.

Shortly after becoming a Pilates teacher, Margaret was diagnosed with the auto-immune disease Rheumatoid Arthritis. Pilates is one of the only methods of exercise that helped to alleviate the pain, while keeping Margaret's whole body strong and in shape. Being diagnosed with a physical ailment has allowed her to connect with certain clients on a deeper level, understanding their frustration with physical limitations beyond their control and helping them to achieve their healthiest body, regardless.

Margaret's style of teaching uses the classical practices of Joseph Pilates and incorporates them with some other contemporary exercises, passed down from generations of Pilates instructors and fitness experts. Since we all have our own unique body that has it's own special issues and needs, every session is planned especially for each individual client. Her goal is to make the people she works with feel like their body gets stronger and stronger with every session, helping them look and feel their best!


Margaret Chapman
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