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Now offering Foot Levelers Custom Orthotics



Often people come to the office with complaints and quickly find out that the problem is not where the pain is.  As our body is constantly fighting gravity and compression, small imbalances in our bodies can cause very major issues.

One way we can help fix these imbalances is by making sure that your feet are contacting the ground correctly.  If we have imbalances in our feet, or we have a gait that is not optimal, the issues typically will run up the body, often landing at the knees, hips, low back, and sometimes, the neck.

Foot levelers is a custom made orthotic that is created by a 3D scan of your feet.  After your foot is scanned, the software gives a detailed impression of any issues you may be experiencing in your feet and how that may lead to other issues in your body.

If you want to see how your feet may be causing issues in your body, come in for a foot scan.  You will receive a detailed take home report, and if you are interested, you can have custom made orthotics delivered right to the office.

Foot Levelers 3d bodyview

Curious about Orthotics?

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