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Lu Yu LAc


Lu is blessed to help others during the best time of her life. A graduate of Alhambra Medical University in Los Angeles, Lu is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of California. Lu was born in a family of holistic medicine. Her grandfather was a Chinese medicine practitioner. She was instilled in her since she was a child with the concept of using Qi to promote menstruation and blood to nourish menstruation, and the root of everything comes from energy exchange. Her undying interest in the connection between body and mind made studying Chinese Medicine a natural progression. The habit of daily deep meditation accidentally corrected her gradually worsening scoliosis (C1-T7). Under the guidance of the third eye, her consciousness needle clearly perceives the flow of qi and blood and the trajectory in the meridians, which is undoubtedly an ecstatic experience. At the same time, the study of the relationship between numerology and disease in traditional culture on the influence of personal Feng Shui energy has enriched her TCM practice and formed a unique perspective of diagnosis and treatment. Create a clean energy field through mindfulness and singing bowls to balance her professional and personal life. Brain health is the key to overall health, and Lu has a special interest and research in this; she is proficient in various pain and women's health treatments, and advocates the importance of prevention and diet. To support individuals and communities to get as much help as possible to meet people's health and wellness wishes.


Lu Yu LAc
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